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An alternative, all natural, cancer therapy...
Without Chemotherapy or Radiation.

Holistic Cancer Treatment from Mexico Offers Hope for Many Terminal Patients. 

This All Natural Cancer Therapy has been shown to Stop & Decrease Tumor Growth... Strengthen the Immune System... Increase Energy Levels...  Without Side Effects.  
This Treatment Has Been Helping People with All Types of Cancer for Over 25 Years!!!

" only 90 days, my friend has gained weight, is able to travel and eat out at restaurants. His life is slowly returning to normal."  S.G., Florida
"... my wife's latest tests show her tumor mass has decreased by 50%!. I think we are on the right track..."
K.S., New York
"Things have improved. My doctor says I need to come in every six months for a review instead of every two months as before. Thanks!."
A.C., Florida

"My mother was 72 at the time... (after taking the treatment she)  was up and doing better and within 3 months was able to be on her own again." H.G., Mexico

Picture of Health
Me with one of the local children, at a nearby river in Mexico.

What is it?

It's a natural food supplement, created by a  Yaqui Indian* doctor in Mexico more than 25 years ago. It was seldom made available outside the indigenous groups living in his area. Because I took the treatment and it saved my life, I built a friendship with these people and am now able to make this therapy available to a limited number of people.

The doctor created this supplement after spending years researching local healing traditions. He interviewed elders of his and neighboring indigenous communities and did extensive gathering and experimentation with various rare herbs and plants. The actual drink is usually taken only ONE time with a meal.  Then, for twelve days, it is followed by a tea which you brew by boiling purified water and wood chips from a desert plant. A small portion of this tea is taken with each meal. (Note: In severe cases, the drink is repeated after three to six months.)

Not a Mass-Produced Product...

Since I live and teach in Mexico, I have had the opportunity to travel to the area where this treatment is made. I have met the makers and have seen where it is made. The small family operation continues as a memorial to their father, the inventor of the product who passed away in the year 2000 at the age of 89.

Laboratory analyses has shown that this can not be chemically reproduced. Also, because the plants used to make the supplement are rare, very little of it is made. Due to my relationship with the family, I have access to one or two units each month. Only a hundred or so units are produced each year.

I would never advise you NOT to have surgery or NOT to follow the advice of your doctor. I can only pass along what I know from my friends and from my own experience... My lab reports were NOT good after having a large tumor removed. I was given a year to live at the most, but I decided NOT  to go through the pain and agony of the chemo-therapy and the other medications that my doctor recommended. After my surgery I took this treatment and NOTHING ELSE. See my full story at: Melanoma almost killed me! 

*Read more about the Tarahumara & Yaqui in Mexico.


This supplement is made
in very small quantities each month.
Contact me for Shipping Dates & Cost.

E-Mail your phone number(s) and the best time to call.
 I travel in remote areas much of the time and am not always near a phone.
I try to check E-Mail every week and return calls at that time.

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