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Instructions for treatment

When you order one of the treatments, you will receive, via FedEx or UPS, a thermos containing a chilled prepared drink and twelve wood chips. Follow these instructions...


THE DRINK...The liquid will arrive in a chilled thermos and should be taken with your next meal. You must keep it well refrigerated until that time. Take the drink the day it arrives, do not wait until the next morning. It is best taken with a meal or snack.


THE TEA... Using the wood chips in the package, brew the tea at around 8pm for the next day's use.

Measure into a glass or enameled pot 500ml (about 2 cups) of purified water. Bring the water to a boil over high heat. When the water is boiling, add one of the wood chips and boil gently uncovered for five minutes. Remove from the heat and steep overnight uncovered. Do not refrigerate at this step.

In the morning, measure the liquid (about 300ml will be left) and divide it into four parts. Take one part with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the final part at bedtime. Do not add sugar or other sweetners. The brewed tea, after steeping overnight, should be stored in the refrigerator. (NOTE: Some of the wood chips have bark, others do not. The color of the brewed tea will have a variation in color which is okay.)


THE DIET...Beginning a day or two before the treatment arrives, and continuing for a period of at least 30 days, DO NOT consume any of the following:

NO COOKED EGGS OF ANY TYPE... (Check the contents of prepared cakes, cookies, pasta, breads, etc.)  NO CARBONATED DRINKS. NO ALCOLHOL. NOTHING PICANTE (Spicy Hot). NO BEEF OR PORK PRODUCTS. Cut down on sugar, total elimination is not necessary but try to limit sweets. Eat three meals a day, even small ones and take the brewed tea with each meal for the first 12 days.


Chemotherapy, should be suspended for at least one month prior to taking the drink, and for a period of three months after. IF avoiding Chemo is not possible, an extra unit of the drink should be taken several months after the first as a booster.